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Philosophy of Prevost Memorial Hospital


PREVOST MEMORIAL HOSPITAL is organized for the primary purpose of providing the best possible patient care.  The Governing Body, the Medical Staff, and Administration in a joint endeavor will insure that optimum patient care is given.

The Governing Body, the Medical Staff, and Administration will insure a high level of professional performance of all practitioners and para-medical personnel authorized to practice in the hospital through the delineation of clinical privileges and through on-going reviews and evaluations of performance in the hospital.

An appropriate educational setting will be provided that will maintain scientific standards and will lead to continuous advancement in professional knowledge and skills.

The Medical Staff will endeavor to advance the sciences of medicine.  An ethical and competent practice will promote the interests of PREVOST MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, insofar as they relate to its medical administration.

The hospital will employ qualified physicians and qualified para-medical personnel who can work in cooperation to provide quality patient care.

The medical and para-medical personnel will endeavor to make health care as pleasant as possible, to help the patient adjust to his/her condition, to accelerate his/her return to good health, to plan and facilitate his/her discharge  or transfer, or to lessen the pain and discomfor, both mental and physical, associated with death.

The Governing Body, the Medical Staff, and Administration will insure that health care is delivered to all patients with consideration and kindness by all hospital personnel.  All hospital personnel will be expected to do unto others as they would have others do unto them.